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Abundant Housing LA is committed to educating and advocating the affordability, livability, and sustainability benefits of more housing. We want lower rents and a more sustainable and prosperous region, where everyone has more choices of where to live and how to pursue their dreams.

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Article provided by HUD User Recently, I learned that the television program Sesame Street is exploring homelessness and its effect on children. The show is reintroducing Lily, a 7-year-old who first joined the cast in 2011 as a character whose family didn’t consistently have enough food to eat. In a story arc that will be presented on YouTube, Lily’s family will come to Sesame Street to stay with friends after losing their apartment. In a press release highlighting the importance of this issue, … read more

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Check out our new page describing the Mission and the Theory of Change of Abundant Housing LA! Los Angeles has a crippling housing crisis.  The lack of affordability and the number of unhoused people sleeping in the streets every night (60,000 people across Los Angeles County) are a direct result of the fact that there are simply not enough homes in Los Angeles.  Rising rents bankrupt families, forcing them out of their homes. Housing is scarce near major job centers, … read more

Los Angeles Housing Advocacy Organization Leads Regional Efforts on Pro-Housing Education Abundant Housing LA (AHLA) and California YIMBY have a new partnership to accelerate solutions to the housing crisis in Los Angeles County and throughout the state. Together, we will work towards our shared goals of affordability, inclusiveness, and access to opportunity for all Californians. With its focus on education about the benefits of housing at the local and regional level, we will deepen California YIMBY’s reach in the state’s … read more