Action Alert! Support Governor Brown’s Housing Bill

As a trailer bill to the proposed budget, Governor Brown has proposed a bill that would make it significantly easier to build housing projects that include units dedicated to low-income residents. Specifically, the bill would grant approvals by right to projects in transit priority areas that include 10% low-income units or 5% very low-income units, and to projects outside transit priority areas that include 20% units reserved for households making less than 80% of the area’s median income. The LA Times has a good run down of specifics.

This means that projects that comply with the zoning would be approved without being subject to detailed reviews and arbitrary NIMBY lawsuits that waste time and money, and prevent new housing from being built. We agree with the state Legislative Analyst’s Office that the bill doesn’t go far enough, but it is a great start and it is very encouraging to see the governor take up this issue.

Now, the most important thing to do is show your support for more housing! Call your state representatives, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, and Senate President Kevin de León, and tell them to support the Governor Brown’s affordable housing bill, Budget Trailer Bill 707.

Find your local rep:

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon: (916) 319-2063 or (562) 529-3250

Senate President Kevin de León: (916) 651-4024 or (213) 483-9300

You can also send a postcard to all your reps quickly and easily through this site. Do it now!

3 comment on “Action Alert! Support Governor Brown’s Housing Bill

  1. Daniel Reply

    Trailer Bill 707 will allow developers to completely bypass the protections of the California Coastal Act and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). And the developer need only provide 5% of a housing complex as “affordable” in order to build without hindrance in the coastal zone, and without any review of the environmental consequences for water use, wildlife habitat, or traffic patterns. There are no limits on the size of such apartment and condo developments, and questions remain as to what exactly these developers view as affordable for the meager 5% required quota. Truly affordable housing is a pressing issue that must be addressed. However, CEQA and the Coastal Act provide the public as well as local governments the opportunity to consider the environmental consequences of building housing, making sure the housing is located and planned for areas that limit harm to the environment. There is no reason to abolish these important processes in the name of affordable housing.

    1. Staff admin Reply

      The bill only streamlines the process for projects that meet the zoning for the parcel, so the size of the projects are controlled the same way as for any other parcel. The definition of affordable is also spelled out by existing state laws.

  2. Edward Carty Reply

    If the city’s down zone your property from commercial , multiunit to one house per acre , that would make most developments unafordable for developers and land owners ? Most city’s have used the typ of zoning to prevent any development for some property’s thank E

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