Who Should You Trust on Measure S? Look to the Endorsements.

The Measure S campaign and its financial backer, Michael Weinstein of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, have made a wide range of claims about how their March 7th initiative will “Save Our Neighborhoods.”

People like me have written at length about how Measure S would worsen the affordability landscape in LA, driving up homelessness and increasing displacement in existing neighborhoods. The LA Times Editorial Board concurs.

Who to trust, given such conflicting claims? Frankly, this is one of those rare times where you really don’t even need to listen to the arguments: just look at who’s endorsed each side.

On the “No” side you’ll find just about every local organization dedicated to affordable housing, homelessness, environmental protection, economic development, worker’s rights, and democratic values. On the “Yes” side, you’ll find… well, see for yourself:

If you’re convinced that Measure S is a good initiative, we hope that you’ll take a moment to consider why virtually everyone—from the United Way, to our Mayor and our Councilmembers, to the Chamber of Commerce and our local labor unions (which rarely agree on anything), to the Inner City Law Center and Skid Row Housing Trust, to the League of Conservation Voters and Climate Resolve, to the whole damn Democratic party—why all of these individuals and organizations are united in opposition to Measure S.

The simple answer is that Measure S will make it harder for these groups accomplish their missions, and that should really, really worry you.

If you trust that the No On Measure S coalition knows what’s best for improving affordability and reducing homelessness in LA, please join with us in the effort to defeat it at the polls on March 7th. Abundant Housing LA will be engaging in a number of get-out-the-vote actions between now and March, ranging from phone-banking to door-knocking to voter registration.

Join our mailing list if you’d like to stay abreast of upcoming campaign events, and if you want to stay involved in planning a more affordable and inclusive Los Angeles, post-election. With members across the city and county, we’re building a vision for a better future and pushing back against those who would seek to take us back in time.

You can find a full list of Measure S opponents here (there are many, many worthy organizations that didn’t make it into the GIF). Endorsements in support of Measure S can be found here, and a cached copy that originally appeared on the Yes campaign’s website can be found here. As embarrassing the above list may be for the Yes on S campaign, it’s an accurate representation of supporters that most voters would actually recognize, which is probably why it was scrubbed from their own website.

If you didn’t follow the Leonardo DiCaprio endorsement/retraction debacle, you can read about it here. You can find a JPG (non-animated) version of this image here, and a larger version of the GIF here.

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