Abundant Housing LA partners with CA YIMBY

Los Angeles Housing Advocacy Organization Leads Regional Efforts on Pro-Housing Education

Abundant Housing LA (AHLA) and California YIMBY have a new partnership to accelerate solutions to the housing crisis in Los Angeles County and throughout the state.

Together, we will work towards our shared goals of affordability, inclusiveness, and access to opportunity for all Californians.

With its focus on education about the benefits of housing at the local and regional level, we will deepen California YIMBY’s reach in the state’s largest metropolitan area. At the same time, AHLA will coordinate with California YIMBY’s state-level advocacy operations.

And the first thing California YIMBY is working on is getting the More HOMES Bill Act past the Senate Housing Committee.

We’ve always been focused on educating our members about housing on the local, regional, and state level. This new partnership couldn’t come at a better time – we’re scaling up our local work just as California YIMBY is focused on increasing impact with legislators in Sacramento. We’re excited by the new potential.

AHLA is continuing to build partnerships with groups across the region to educate the public, neighborhood councils, and our representatives about the necessity of more housing production.

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