If we build tons of housing, what about traffic? LA developers have embraced transit-oriented development. New housing is likely to have easy access to LA’s growing public transit network. It will also enable people to live closer to their jobs and other amenities, thus reducing the “jobs-housing imbalance” and the need to drive long distances. Finally, more residents mean more taxpayers to share the costs of our expanding transit infrastructure.


What about gentrification? AHLA is sensitive to this issue. We do not want longtime residents to be displaced by new residents in new housing. We believe that more housing throughout the region is exactly what is needed to reduce displacement. We envision diverse neighborhoods with new and old residents, all living in homes they can afford.


Doesn’t LA have enough people already? We are blessed to live in one of the most vibrant, appealing cities in the world. All but very few of us were immigrants once, and more immigrants come here every day to pursue their dreams. We want everyone to have the chance to enjoy LA’s bounty.


Does “abundant” housing interfere with “affordable” (i.e. subsidized) housing? AHLA has no interest in interfering with the good work of nonprofits and others who produce and lobby for subsidized housing. However, subsidies can produce only so much and that the demand for housing far exceeds the number of people who can be served by subsidized housing.


Will new housing around transit stations render them less useful if wealthier residents occupy new units? Quality transit is an amenity that can attract more people to want to live in the neighborhood. If abundant housing is built throughout the city, combined with equitable transit improvements, both residents who prefer to drive and those who depend on transit will all have appropriate, affordable options.


Does AHLA have a political agenda? AHLA’s only agenda is to promote abundant housing for a diverse, equitable LA. We are happy to ally with and receive support from any and all who share this vision. We are happy to support public officials who share this vision.


How much good can AHLA do? By reminding decision-makers that there is a constituency that favors and benefits from growth, we can force them to weigh issues rather than cave in to the slow-growth juggernaut that has dominated LA for so long. AHLA seeks to be the crack that causes the dam to burst.

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