Housing policy can be very complicated, but Abundant Housing LA’s principles are simple. We believe that everyone who wants to live in LA should be able to find housing at a reasonable price. To that end, we’ve set five guiding principles that shape our advocacy:

  1. High rents and housing prices in the Los Angeles area are driving out long-time residents, decreasing diversity, stifling growth, and preventing new people from moving to our great city.
  2. Rents are too high because of a housing shortage – there are not enough homes and apartments to meet the demand to live here.
  3. We need more market rate housing, more subsidies to build and preserve affordable housing, and better enforcement of fair housing laws to solve the shortage.
  4. Our short-term solution is to advocate for new housing developments which will provide more housing of all types, and our long-term solution is to advocate for legislative changes which will enable and encourage more housing to be built.
  5. We believe strongly in diversity, equality, and social responsibility, and follow the guidance provided by ISO 26000, an international guideline for social responsibility.