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Abundant Housing LA is committed to advocating for more housing. We want lower rents and a more sustainable and prosperous region, where everyone has more choices of where to live and how to pursue their dreams.

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Latest News Releases

This week we activated our members to write the Los Angeles City council against a motion that would put the City in opposition to SB 827. Today we sent a longer letter explaining why SB 827 is a good bill for the state and for LA. AHLA letter on city of LA 827 motion We argue that the trade-off of a small amount of local control over a few aspects of zoning is worth it for a bill that would help … read more

Be sure to check out Abundant Housing LA’s recent op-ed in the LA Times, on how LA can solve our housing challenges without displacing current residents. SB 827, State Senator Scott Wiener’s pro-housing bill that would allow much more housing to be built near transit, could be amended to create that opportunity.

Abundant Housing LA supports more homes of all types. We are proud to help advance multi-faceted housing solutions to expand the number of homes while also helping those who lack a place to live and those who have a home, but feel a lack of security due to high rents or precarious tenure. This week we weighed in on a number of critical housing policies. Our director, Brent Gaisford published an op-ed in the LA Times suggesting that a right-to-remain … read more

Are you a member of Abundant Housing LA yet? Join our mailing list for housing- and affordability-related news and weekly action alerts that help increase the diversity of housing choices available to Angelenos. Welcome to the latest installment of Abundant Housing LA’s Development Update! This is where dig into public City of Los Angeles data every 3 months to figure out what’s really going on in our housing market. How much housing are we permitting and building? How many of our new homes are single-family, large apartment/condo … read more