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Abundant Housing LA is committed to advocating for more housing. We want lower rents and a more sustainable and prosperous region, where everyone has more choices of where to live and how to pursue their dreams.

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Latest News Releases

When LA city and county voters voted overwhelmingly for investments in transit and affordable housing, and against Measure S’ restrictions on new homes, we noted the momentum that these victories would give to advocacy for more homes in LA.  We still believe that there is a new pro-housing majority in Los Angeles. We can’t, however, rest on our laurels and assume that we will magically get more homes and lower housing costs. Without continued pressure, it will be easy for … read more

Are you a member of Abundant Housing LA yet? Join our mailing list for housing- and affordability-related news and weekly action alerts that help increase the diversity of housing choices available to Angelenos. Welcome to the third installment of Abundant Housing LA’s Quarterly Development Update™! This is where we dig into public City of Los Angeles data to figure out what’s really going on in our housing market. How much housing are we permitting? How many of our new homes are single-family, large … read more

In a recent report on why too few homes are being built in California, the State Legislative Analyst’s Office concluded that “real improvement can come only with a major shift in how communities and their residents think about and value new housing.” As a YIMBY organization, Abundant Housing LA focuses on projects and policies to increase housing supply, reduce costs, and expand choices.  But taking the the LAO’s challenge to heart: how can we get residents and decision makers to … read more

This week, it came to light that LA City Council District 1 candidate Joe Bray-Ali has been an active participant in shockingly racist and transphobic discussion boards on the darker corners of the internet. Based on these revelations, Abundant Housing LA has decided to rescind our endorsement of Bray-Ali in the CD 1 race. One of Abundant Housing LA’s foundational principles is a commitment to supporting fair housing, meaning that everybody has the right to equal access to housing, regardless … read more