The Measure S Construction Ban Would Raise Your Rent


It’s a common complaint from renters that luxury housing construction—such as those fancy condos being built in Venice, Echo Park, and other neighborhoods—encourages landlords to raise rents on ordinary units. But that isn’t how housing markets work.

The truth is that landlords in LA can get away with raising rents year after year because renters vastly outnumber the amount of units available on the market. When housing is in short supply, landlords have all the power. Fewer units means higher prices, and that isn’t good for anyone except property owners.

Measure S would restrict new development and strip away the ability to add new homes, including affordable units, which would in turn give landlords greater leverage to raise rents and continue squeezing renters. Adding more housing units—even at the high end—takes away that leverage, forcing landlords to compete for tenants and helping to keep rents stable. In other hot real estate markets where the inventory of new market rate units is rising, rents are finally starting to stabilize or come down.

If you want to see rents stop climbing, vote no on Measure S. If you want to further enrich landlords and drive up rents even further, vote yes.

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