Measure S Would Destroy More than 12,000 Jobs Each Year


As if causing rents to continue climbing isn’t bad enough, Measure S will also destroy tens of thousands of jobs in Los Angeles and cost taxpayers more than $70,000,000 each year in lost tax revenue if it passes.

And the proponents of Measure S know it, too. They just don’t care: their personal vendetta is more important to them than the jobs and financial stability of tens of thousands of Angelenos.

If Measure S passes, it will devastate housing construction across the city. Along the way, it will destroy upwards of 15% of the construction jobs in the city, with knock-on effects throughout the economy as jobless construction workers stop visiting restaurants, shops, and stores.

All told, that will mean 12,000 men and women out of work each year. We can’t let that happen to our friends and neighbors.

Throwing all of these people out of work would have huge impacts on the city’s budget as well. Between property taxes, sales taxes, and other taxes, the city will lose more than $70 million dollars a year in annual revenue. This is money that goes to pay the salaries of thousands of police and firefighters, among other hard working people who keep the city running.

The facts are clear: Measure S would raise rents, destroy 12,000 jobs a year, and hobble the city budget for years to come. That’s a price that Los Angeles and its communities can’t afford to pay.

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