Measure S Would Worsen Traffic in Los Angeles


In their misguided attempt to “preserve” Los Angeles, the proponents of Measure S are actually in danger of making one of the city’s most frustrating problems even worse: traffic.

When it comes to traffic in Los Angeles, no one is happy with the way things work today. But Measure S doubles down on an unsustainable and outdated status quo.

Contrary to its promise, Measure S doesn’t stop LA’s population from growing. Instead, it forces us to sprawl further and makes it so that Angelenos will have no choice but to live farther and farther away from our jobs, making everyone’s commute even more grueling. In fact, research on housing and driving patterns in the LA region show that a household living in the exurbs drives up to 47% further each year than if that household lived in a denser neighborhood like Koreatown.

The kind of growth Measure S bans is the growth that would provide a real solution to Los Angeles’ traffic problems: let people live closer to their jobs and nearer to high-quality public transit. When we can plan for sustainable growth, we can create vibrant, walkable neighborhoods where people can live without having to drive for every trip—and when they do drive, they do so for shorter distances.

Measure S puts the city in a straitjacket, when what we need is flexibility. It’s a vision that looks to the past for solutions, when what we need is to plan for a sustainable future. Most of all, it’s more of the same when what we really need is change.

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