Measure S Wouldn’t Affect Campaign Finance in LA


The LA Times has written several stories about developers contributing to the campaigns of elected officials, arguing that these donations might represent corruption—an intent to buy approvals for controversial projects. The supporters of Measure S have latched onto these stories, and have used them as a reason why you should vote yes on their initiative.

But if the perception of corruption is a problem, there’s a simple solution: ban developers from giving money to elected officials when they have projects under consideration. Several City Councilmembers have already proposed exactly that.

For all of Measure S campaign’s harping on this issue, the measure itself doesn’t actually address campaign contributions. Let’s limit the ability of developers to lobby politicians, but let’s do it with sensible campaign contribution reforms instead of destroying the homes that new and existing residents need.

You can find more rebuttals to Measure S lies and misrepresentations below: