what you can do

Support more housing at 7th & Maple!

Help Abundant Housing support the 7th & Maple mixed use project! This project will create 452 new housing units and 13,603 sf of commercial space at ground level. 11% of the total dwelling units are dedicated very low income units and nineteen are joint live/work units. This project is located in the most transit rich part of the region and is replacing a parking lot.  Voice your support by writing to the city! 

Support a 173 unit project in Los Angeles!

Help Abundant Housing support the proposed mixed use development at 2501 West Olympic Blvd! This project will create 173 new housing units, including 20 very low income units,and 36,385 square feet of commercial space.  It will be built on a site that has been vacant for a decade, with the exception of a one story retail structure that was demolished a year ago.  Voice your support by writing to the city ahead of the hearing July 24! 

Support a 658-Unit Project in Marina del Rey!

Help Abundant Housing LA support the proposed mixed-use development at 13450 W. Maxella Ave! This project will create 658 residential units, including 66 affordable housing units, as well as 27,300 square feet of ground-floor commercial space, in a desirable area near employment, retail and bus lines. Write to the Land Use & Planning Commmitee and Neighborhood Council in support!

Homeless Veterans need your help to expedite their housing at the West Los Angeles VA Campus!

As posted in the LA Times, “A report to be released Tuesday from Vets Advocacy, a nonprofit group created to oversee the development, accuses the federal agency of stalling development of a model community for 1,200 homeless veterans on its long-neglected 388-acre campus.”

Over the last 5 years much progress has been made to finally get the VA to acknowledge their responsibility, but sustained advocacy is needed to ensure progress is continued, so please go to https://www.vatherightway.org to learn more about the issue and how you can add your voice. #VATHERIGHTWAY

Join us on July 10 to Speak Out on the Future of Downtown Santa Monica!

On July 10 at 6:30 PM the Santa Monica City Council will hear from the public about the Downtown Community Plan. The Plan will determine the way we experience our unique downtown. Will it be vibrant? Will we be able to bike and walk safely? Will there be new jobs and affordable places to live? Will downtown attract the kinds of businesses we support? The decision the Council will make in response to our input will impact and shape our city for the next 15 years.

Where: Santa Monica City Hall 1685 Main St, Santa Monica, California 90401

When: Monday, July 10 at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Tell the Santa Monica City Council that you do not support a low-scale Downtown plan!

The city of Santa Monica is working on its Downtown Community Plan, which will shape the future of development in Santa Monica’s Downtown and along its portion of the Expo line. The DCP is currently a “low-scale” plan for Downtown, which does not encourage enough housing development to meet regional needs. Tell the Santa Monica City Council that this is no time for low-scale planning and that you want to see more housing in the Downtown neighborhood!