what you can do

Help Abundant Housing LA Support the Proposed STELLA Addition at 13488 Maxella Avenue!

Help Abundant Housing LA support the proposed 65-unit addition to STELLA (13488 Maxella Avenue)! STELLA currently comprises 244 dwelling units (including 24 affordable units) and ground floor commercial space. The proposed STELLA addition includes 65 new dwelling units (including 7 affordable units). And join AHLA on Thursday, October 12 at the Del Rey Neighborhood Council meeting to support the project! The meeting will begin at 7:15PM at Del Rey Square (11796 Culver Boulevard, Los Angeles)

Support a 658-Unit Project in Marina del Rey!

Help Abundant Housing LA support the proposed mixed-use development at 13450 W. Maxella Ave! This project will create 658 residential units, including 66 affordable housing units, as well as 27,300 square feet of ground-floor commercial space, in a desirable area near employment, retail and bus lines. Write to the Land Use & Planning Commmitee and Neighborhood Council in support!

Homeless Veterans need your help to expedite their housing at the West Los Angeles VA Campus!

As posted in the LA Times, “A report to be released Tuesday from Vets Advocacy, a nonprofit group created to oversee the development, accuses the federal agency of stalling development of a model community for 1,200 homeless veterans on its long-neglected 388-acre campus.”

Over the last 5 years much progress has been made to finally get the VA to acknowledge their responsibility, but sustained advocacy is needed to ensure progress is continued, so please go to https://www.vatherightway.org to learn more about the issue and how you can add your voice. #VATHERIGHTWAY