Show support for housing at 601 Main Street!

Help us support the proposed mixed-used development at 601 S Main St! This project will replace a parking lot and include 452 new dwelling units. Write to the city of LA in support!

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Show support for housing at 333 S La Cienega

Jesse Creed is running against the incumbent, Paul Koretz, in LA City Council District 5. In the past week, they’ve both decided to oppose the mixed use development at 333 S. La Cienega that would create 14 affordable units for low income families as well as 140 market rate units. Let’s let them know that we want a candidate who supports housing, both on this project and for years to come! If we make enough noise, there’s a good chance that one of them will take notice and change their position. Click here to send an email and let them know you support housing in LA!
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Help us support a development project in Koreatown

Help us support the proposed mixed-used development at 3700 Wilshire Blvd! This project will include 506 new apartments. This project will help increase housing supply and is ideally located close to transit. Write to the city of LA in support!

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Submit input for LA’s ADU ordinance

We have a rare opportunity to improve L.A.’s rules to allow more residents to build accessory dwelling units (ADUs), sometimes also called a ‘granny flat,’ ‘backyard home,’ or ‘second unit’. These second units can help residents house their family members, earn rent to afford their mortgage, and add new housing units to help relieve LA’s housing crisis.

Los Angeles City is currently updating its ordinance that regulates ADUs in response to new state laws. This past September, Gov. Brown signed landmark Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) legislation to make it easier for property owners to build an accessory dwelling. for The state legislation will remove some barriers. Starting January 1st, anyone in California may convert any existing accessory structure (such as a garage) into a dwelling unit, as long as it meets safety code standards, has a setback sufficient for fire safety and it doesn’t exceed 1,200 square feet. If covered parking was removed by the dwelling unit conversion, it need only be replaced by parking on existing driveways or setback areas.

But it is crucial that LA pass a good local ordinance. Cities still retain some control over where ADUs are allowed, how big they can be, and parking requirements for second units. The details of the LA ordinance will determine where it is legal and feasible to build second homes.

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